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      I have a framepage which has three jsp pages. Say fram1 has a.jsp, Frame2 has b.jsp and Frame3 and c.jsp
    When the user clicks a product on a.jsp, b.jsp and c.jsp are called which contian desription and information of the product repesctively. At the same time a.jsp is also refreshed and it has radio buttons with the subcategories of the product.
     Now user checks any radio button and on click event b.jsp and c.jsp are refreshed and now they show the desription of subcategory and information , a.jsp should send two values (productid and subcategoryid) to b.jsp and c.jsp on the click.

    Can anybody tell me how can I send two values to the jsp page in the frame.

    <input type="Radio" name="<%=productid%>" value="<%= subcategoryid %>">

    I am not good in JavaScript. Am I doing something wrong here. What could be the best way to send these two values to b.jsp page when the user slects the radio button.
  2. Hi Aziz,

    You can try the "forward" feature of JSP with specified parameters to call another jsp.

    Hope this might work.

    Get back ...if you need further assistance.

    Syed Basha
  3. Hi Syed
     This is not the solution for the problem which i asked. Anyway thankyou for your reply. I think JavaScriot can do the task.
    I have a JavaScript fucntion which takes multiple values in a Query String and sends it to a jsp page which is created dynamicaly in a frame.