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    Please help to give the detailed steps for creating Web Service able to return complicated data type, e.g. ResultSet, Vector, etc. IDE: Netbeans 6.0.1 with Tomcat P.S. Has gone through the tutorial on Sun Java JEE Document, the JAXB portion sample codes, but still cannot get a clear picture on the role of JAXB in Web Service. Appreciate your great help!
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    never return a resultset (it doesn't work anyway), neither a vector (list would be better) best practice: Use in-/outobjects (to -> TransferObjects) public GetCustomersOut(GetCustomersIn inGetCustomerIn){ // data access // wrapp into GetCustomersOut // return } where a GetCustomerOut contains a List (don't forget serializable) slowfly ps: jaxb means java architecture xml-binding. maps java to xml and other way round (with jbossws/jaxws we never 'used' jaxb directly)