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    Hi all i am new to this forum and Java community. I was working in .Net and now i am into a java project. We want to create a server application in java to send bulk files to different location. A file allocation serer which has to handle files having size up to 512 MB of size and every day an average of 1500 files. We have an application developed in windows technology, a TCP/IP server created using Socket. We have two options in Java, we have to go for Socket programing or we have to go for web services to transfer these bulk files. We have stuck here and want suggestions from gurus :-). Which method will suit our requirement. Web service or creating our own TCP/IP client server application with our own protocol with resume support.
  2. webservice not recommend, that's just too much overhead you mave have a look for open source tools: http://sourceforge.net/projects/fileboard/ <- you may can extend this one ;) to write your own sockets would be cool, but i'm pretty sure, someone did it already ;)
  3. First of all let me than you for the reply Manuel. can you tell me how its overhead. I have heard a lot of servers using web service for file transfer.