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    The main features in Java 7 range from closures, native language support for XML, Java modules, OSGi, a date and time API - JSR 310 - a few concurrency issues - JSR 166 - as well as, Java NIO2 - JSR-203. So which of the features will make it in the final release of Java 7? Though this post by Cleve Gibbon concludes that 'uncertainty is biggest certainty', he provides a short summary and additional links/resources on all these features that may eventually become part of Java 7. Read Cleve Gibbon's post on 'Java 7 : What's in and what's out'
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    The most noticeable thing about Java 7 is the performance. And i wrote this blog on Benchmark 1.5 1.6 1.7 which shows where we are heading.