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News: Tatami 1.2 Beta Released

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    What is it ? Tatami is a GWT library. It's goal is to wrap the mature, good-looking Dojo javacript toolkit widgets in the Google Web Toolkit (GWT). Why ? The Dojo Toolkit is widely known in the Javascript community, and offers useful widgets to end-developpers, with an high-quality an commercial friendly license. Noticing that many needs are not fullfilled by GWT, it appeared that porting Dojo widgets into GWT could be an amazing way to leverage GWT. Licensing Tatami is licensed under the commercial friendly LGPL license. It is developed by Object Direct and France Télécom. Tatami 1.2 Today, Tatami 1.2 beta has been released. It provides new widgets from Dojo Toolkit, the most important being the grid. Tatami's grid provides built-in features such as pagination, filtering, sorting, cell editing and formatting ... Tatami is now distributed for both GWT 1.4 and 1.5. For more information, please visit http://code.google.com/p/tatami/.

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    The demo page loads horribly slow and does not seem to work in Safari.
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    The demo is really slow, because it is served directly from a Subversion server. We are looking to host it on our own servers rather than on gooogle code's ones. Please, could you report more precisely what does not work with Safari ? Thank you for your feedback.