Boston Scalability Group October 22, 2008 Meeting - GridGain


Performance and scalability: Boston Scalability Group October 22, 2008 Meeting - GridGain

  1. Hi everyone, The next Boston Scalability User Group meeting takes place on Wednesday October 22 at 6 p.m. in the IBM Innovation Center. This month we have Nikita Ivanov, founder of the GridGain project. There will be pizza at this meeting! Please register for this meeting if you plan to attend. Attendance is always free. If you can not make this meeting but want to find out about future meetings please sign up for our announcement list. This meeting takes place at the IBM Innovation Center located at 404 Wyman St. Waltham, MA 02451. The pizza will arrive at 5:45 p.m. and the meeting starts at 6. See you on the 22nd! GridGain 2.0 – Grid Computing Made Simple Abstract The topic of this presentation is about fastest growing open source Java grid computing framework called GridGain and how its focus on elegant simplicity and Enterprise Java integration is helping to revolutionize the grid computing for Java in the same way as Spring or JBoss have changed Enterprise Java landscape. The presentation will start with a brief introduction to grid computing and specifically data and compute grids. MapReduce will be discussed. Real-life examples will be discussed. Following introduction to grid computing presentation will outline the key features of GridGain 2.0 highlighting simplicity of the usage. To underscore the topic of presentation it will also include live demonstration of writing a simple application and grid enabling it to run on a small grid right in front of the audience. All coding during demonstration will be done live. Detailed and in-depth explanations will highlight that grid computing in Java can be fun, simple and productive to use in everyday applications and systems. Outline * Introduction * What is Grid Computing? o Compute grids (MapReduce) o Data grids * Why is Grid Computing? * What is GridGain? * Key Features o Advanced MapReduce o Zero deployment o Automatic fault tolerance o SPI-based architecture o JMX-based management & monitoring o Early and late load balancing o Annotation-based grid enabling with AOP * Live coding demonstration * Conclusion * Q&A Speaker’s Profile Mr. Ivanov has over 15 years of experience in software development and over 7 years of developing grid computing and distributed middleware, a vision and pragmatic view of where development technology is going, and high quality standards in software engineering. Back in 1996, Mr. Ivanov was one of the pioneers in using Java technology for server side middleware development while working at T-Systems GmbH, one of the largest European System Integrator. Mr. Ivanov has held various positions architecting and leading software product development for start-up companies and working with well-established companies such as Adaptec, Visa and BEA Systems. Mr. Ivanov is an active member of Java middleware community and is a contributor to Java specifications as a member of JSR-107. Mr. Ivanov holds a Master’s degree in Electro Mechanics from Baltic State Technical University, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
  2. Whoops - the links didn't come out in the last post. The web site, with all meeting details is The meeting registration page is Please sign up if you plan to attend because it helps us order the right amount of pizza! The announcement list sign up page is