By becoming a member of the ITQSP, you promise to provide software or systems development that solves the problem or best meets your task requirements. The software or implementations that you create are exemplary and reflect the quality of best practice methods. If security is a concern, you have tested this software or system and have protected the data or system from malicious attack or unauthorized use. The software or systems you create are a reflection of you personally and should be worthy of public use. They should be secure and well protected against unintended use. You adhere to these principles whether proprietary or open source solutions are provided. The maintenance of anything you create should be available and economical for your customers or clients. This philosophy applies to employees in large corporations and to the lone consultant. By being a member of this group, you agree to the philosophy and practices described here. The author and founder of this group believes in open source and even open sharing of intellectual material. Software and system development should be about doing what's best and right. And, many times open source is the better solution, however executives and managers are wrongly convinced that open source does not fit a buy and warrant model for application development or purchase. This group is a public collection of people that stand behind software and system decisions based on technical and logical choices only. Systems and applications provide pure machine instruction to the servers and workstations we use everyday. Emotion, religion, or politics should have no impact on our computers. These computers encircle the globe and aside from the language we show our users, the commands we give them are the same. Join the ITQSP. Grab the icon and place it on your website. We think this is important. We think that open source is important. Share the message, wear the badge, and tell your friends. This text can be found at LinkedIn and via the URL It should be important to us. Commercial, proprietary, or open source, we should value quality and security in our software development and systems implementation. Open source and commercial products should be considered with the same level of integrity.