Mule 2.1 Enterprise and Mule Galaxy 1.5 Enterprise Released


News: Mule 2.1 Enterprise and Mule Galaxy 1.5 Enterprise Released

  1. MuleSource just released Mule 2.1 Enterprise Edition ESB and the Mule Galaxy 1.5 Enterprise Edition SOA governance platform. Mule 2.1 Enterprise is available now. Features exclusively available in Mule 2.1 Enterprise include:
  2. Premium connectors -built for high performance and with enterprise-only features, fully certified and supported by MuleSource
  3. Premium JDBC Connector - support for advanced JDBC functions, such as batch and cursor mechanisms, resulting in over two orders of magnitude (150x) performance improvements for certain use cases
  4. WebSphere MQ Connector - bi-directional request-response messaging between WebSphere MQ and Mule JMS using native MQ point-to-point, as well as synchronous and asynchronous request-response communications using JMSReplyTo
  5. Mule RESTpack - now supported as part of the core Mule 2.1 Enterprise product, allows developers to create REST-style services, which form the basis for web oriented architecture (WOA), using popular frameworks such as RESTlet and Jersey
  6. Out-of-the-box retry policies - allows creation of self-healing connections, instructing Mule to attempt reconnection based on pre-defined policies, without the need for custom code
  7. Mule Galaxy 1.5 EE is a robust SOA governance platform with integrated registry/repository. Some of Galaxy's features include:
  8. Scripting shell -allows Galaxy power users to write custom extensions to Galaxy
  9. Event API -important changes to services or artifacts inside Galaxy trigger an internal event, which can result in actions such as sending notifications or applying remote policies
  10. Feeds for search results - subscribe to any search via an Atom feed and monitor changes via any newsreader
  11. Typed properties - store properties as strings, lists, users, lifecycles, or even links between artifacts
  12. Service metadata storage - store metadata to describe any type of service (RESTful, TCP, JMS, and others)
  13. Improved Atom API - enhanced functionality to do even more operations on services and artifacts
  14. Improved Galaxy Query Language - supporting more sophisticated queries
  15. Auto Upgrade - simplifies upgrading from previous versions of Galaxy

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    Thanks for the post Eugene! There's some information about the Mule 2.1 CE release on my blog ( if anyone's interested. Best Regards Antoine
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    Is there any support in Mule for complex authorization mechanisms, such as XACML and similar standards?