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    can any one just tell me whether all the types of jdbc drivers are compatible with JAVA WEBSERVER 2.0.i have been sucessful in running a servlet and connecting toa database using type1 driver jdbc:odbc driver but not with other types.how to use the othser types of drivers basically the type4 driver JTurbo.

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    it's not so much the servlet api version you need to be concerned with; jdbc is an independent and shouldn't really have relevance in the servlet environment. i think (not sure) that you only need to worry about your jdk and jre versions; the JDBC classes of your driver may implement functionality that isn't supported by your JDK/JRE, but I think it's safe to say that as long as it's supported by jdk/jre 1.1.8 - jdk/jre 1.3, your jdbc code should compile just fine in a servlet.