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    Hi Everyone. I made a new exam simulator software for SCJP 1.5 exam (SCX 310-055). I named this simulator as "Sun Certified Exam Lab". I simulated the actual Sun exam software environment in this software. This contains 1 diagnostic exam, 3 practice exams, and 1 final exam. Each mock exam contains 72 questions, including drag-and-drop questions. You can review answers with explanations after completing each exam. All the questions were made by myself, and all of them are copywritten. I allow users to download and use it for free, to prevent unwanted money spending for exam simulators. My actual purpose is that. I would like to invite everyone to use my new exam simulator for free. To download, visit Please note that this software may work under Windows platforms only. DOWNLOAD:
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    Here also you have some free online exam SCJP too.