I have a concern on how to deal with the situation using xmlbeans.. I want to consume/send soap messages for any given wsdl file, in a generic approach without having to import packages for every wsdl's generated code. I think this is logically possible since we have the wsdl document and we know how to construct the message based on the given input.. For example, Input: Add Object WORKORDER (wonum, description ,location) + wsdl file Add Object LOCATION (location, description )+ wsdl file Add Object ASSET (assetnum, description)+ wsdl file etc.. Process: Generic XMLBeans processor to send soap messages. I am looking for a process or approach which allows me to use wsdl information which can be used to navigate through the xmlbean object without really importing the real package of the generated source.. Something like reflection.. Output: SOAP message with below format .. Tags will be taken from the wsdl file: *************** ***************** ****************** Thank you for guiding me on this..