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    This solution enables transforming swing-based interfaces of existing applications into rich-interfaces. The transformation is driven by rules which can be adapted to specific patterns and coding norms from both the source and the target application. Mia-Modernization is a refactoring solution which analyses Java, JSP and XML files found in a JEE application and produces a complete model of this application. Once the transformation rules have been applied on this model, the code can be regenerated to integrate new coding norms, versions of components or framework. The rules can be edited and tested in a graphical environment dedicated for developing model-to-model transformations. Other transformations are possible such as EJB2 to EJB3 migrations.
  2. So is the transformation done at the source code level? I can see this working for simple code but to really bridge Swing and GWT you'd have to have matching components, right? And currently GWT components are very primitive, so how do you convert JTable for instance? Have you seen AjaxSwing (, which transforms Swing to HTML/JavaScript at runtime? Do you guys have examples of real applications conversion, say SwingSet2? How much manual work is required after the conversion?