How to get environment specific detail in a progrm runing in WAS


XML & Web services: How to get environment specific detail in a progrm runing in WAS

  1. Can any body tell me How to get evironment specific details ( like the host name where the server is running, application context or webcontext) from a program executing in Websphere. I mean I have a simple java program (client proxy code for calling remote WebService) running with a WebService deployed locally on Websphere. Now when I use the proxy program from this local WebService implementation, I want to get some evironment specific details as mentioned above in the proxy application, but since the proxy program is simple program (not as webservice implementation were we can get servletcontext to get the required info). Is there any object which I can directly use in proxy program which gives me env specific details like WebServiceContext, app context or something like that.. Thanks,
  2. I assume that you are using Web Services via HTTP. I'm sure that you know what URL that you are sending the service requests to, right? Most other information that you want is available in the response headers. By the way, is this information required by some functional requirements? If so, just create another web service to return the required info.