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    With the continual development of information technology, the application of enterprise-level reporting tool is also improved gradually. At first, it was stand-alone data operation, and on-line file processing later. Then, OA software appeared before the brilliant shining of standard financial software and QgESS software. After that, the concepts of business process reengineering appeared, such as MRPⅡ, ERP, EPM, BI, etc. Today, there are a lot of reporting tools available. However, too many choices only make users confused. Some industries need to flexibly submit data with different data types, and traditional reporting tools can not satisfy their requirements. Users of this kind are often in the industries like finance, consultation, chemical engineering, smelting, communication, etc. With the increase of this kind of application, users are eager for a reporting tool which can adapt dynamically. The input model of RAQ Report is a professional tool which can develop all kinds of data acquisition systems quickly. It can implement all kinds of normal/complex input applications, and the design process is easy and efficient. The input model of RAQ report divides data acquisition into two basic modes, Row Input and Freestyle Input. Row Input is used to process simple quick input. It can add, insert, delete rows conveniently, and save the single-line data inputted instantaneously. Freestyle Input can be used to make complex data input formats. Compared with Row Input, the input format of it is more flexible. With Freestyle Input, you can implement data acquisition requirements of any complex format. RAQ Report provides complete data input proposal for data acquisition with great changes and flexible requirements, therefore, it can meet all kinds of WEB data acquisition requirements. As a pure Java reporting tool, RAQ Report can make report efficiently, and deployment quickly, and implement seamless integration with existing J2EE projects. Therefore, it gains the approval and praise of more and more users. If you need to post this post anywhere, please indicate the source. If you would like to read more articles about reporting tool, you are welcome to refer to my blog.

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