Advice on Web Service Testing / Verification Web Apps / Tools?


XML & Web services: Advice on Web Service Testing / Verification Web Apps / Tools?

  1. We have a simple need, an ability to test and verify web service deployments for functional completeness. We do have destop tools for QA purposes. We are looking for a 'test harness' that can be invoked via a URL (web app). We have 12+ JAX-RPC web services (WSDLs) and we are constantly adding, enhancing with newer functionality/bug fixes etc. We go through a typical dev/test/uat/production life cycle for deployments. When ever the web service apps are deployed in a particular environment, the concerned group (middleware, operations, application support etc) conduct a basic verification test to make sure the service is functionally responding. I am looking for advice or suggestions on tools, frameworks or experiences that can help.
  2. Not sure this will help or not.But you can have a look at SOAPUI tool which is a java based free ware.This will help to invoke the rpc web service. ALTOVA is also another tool not a free ware though 30 day free trial is there. Best Regards, J
  3. Thank you. We will try SOAPUI. Regards Ramana
  4. Hi, One more tool that could be considered is the Apache JMeter ( Thanks, Lakshman.
  5. LoadRunner and SoapUI[ Go to top ]

    SoapUI and LoadRunner, both have good support for testing WebServices. Both of these suites provide the ability to create Testcases and perform load testing too. Personally I have liked SoapUI for ease of use and above all, there is a free version. Loadrunner has advanced features for generating reports of various performanc counters. For simple verification, most appservers come with their own test harnesses for testing deployed web services. I have used WebLogics Webservices Test Client, simple no-frill UI for creating a request and testing a service. Hope this helps, Srini Garlapati