faceCart is ajax powered java based open source e-commerce platform.http://facecart.com faceCart is both scalable backend and responsive UI (Ajax based). It is an appropriate solution for medium to large online stores. I am happy to annouce that faceCart 1.0.3 beta2 is released. What makes us different are the following product qualities: Portable application, independent on application server Independent on database. Ability to hold catalogs with thousands of products. Strong EJB3.0 based backend the source of our ability to withstand high pressure Real time validation of user input Ability for drag and drop integrated into the platform Real time validation, and real time image rendering No page reloads Our integrated ajax engine, makes writing of new ajax features invisible. This build is a major release in every aspect. Bug fixing, new features and more documentation. What is new: 1. Developers manual with eclipse project setup. 2. Newsletters are implented 3. Product notifications, both HTML and Plain/text. 4. faceCart now runs on JSF 1.2 5. Rich text editor is introduced. 6. Our web site is again up and partially ready. Still needs some work. It has new web design and We are cookig many new cool features there for our community. faceCart is new product and we would realy like to hear your opinion about our and we can make it better. Regards Alexander Petrov http://facecart.com