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    I know that remove() on a session bean is supposed to tell the EJB server that you are done with the bean and the server can move it back to the pool.

    I thought remove() on an Entity bean indicated that you want to delete the persistance of the object (probably delete the row in the table that the entity bean represents).

    How do you tell an entity bean that you are done with it, but don't delete the persistance?

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    Do nothing. The bean will timeout and be pooled.

    Dave Wolf
    Internet Applications Division
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    make remote reference of entity bean as null. This will indicate to garbage collector that it can be reclaimed. GC will internally do the garbage collection on server too.(AKA distributed garbage collection)

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    do nothing to remove beans but if u want to delete record whose implimentaion u have written in bean then call home.remove() .....remember it need not be present in home interface