SVNSite releases Continuum CI and Subversion as hosted service


News: SVNSite releases Continuum CI and Subversion as hosted service

  1. Recursivity limited is pleased to announce the availability of SVNSite - an online subscription service that hosts your Subversion repository and Apache Continuum continuous integration server for you. SVNSite allows developers and teams to subscribe to their own private Subversion repository and Continuum server for a small monthly fee, with no minimum contracts and no lock-in (Continuum server is not available in the cheapest plans). For those who are interested in the technologies behind the service, it is built on Wicket, JPA on an infrastructure hosted by Amazon Web Services, which explains why the plans are available at the low prices they are. What does the TSS community think of Subversion and Continuous Integration servers as a hosted service? Pros? Cons? Must have features? Nice to have features? To the SVNSite website

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    Services like SVNSite are here to stay! I think SVNSite has done exactly the right thing...offering a simple, well known technique/service based on a reliable and cheap plattform as Amazon S3. There are no reasons for small companies or startups not to use services like SVNSite instead of wasting precious time configuring ther own infrastructure and server environment. The only reason i can think of not to use SVNSite is the fact that you are putting your source code outside your own build environment. But SVNSite are on the other hand probably much more secure than your own network anyway :)