LogicalDOC - Document Management, DMS version 4.0 RC2 released


News: LogicalDOC - Document Management, DMS version 4.0 RC2 released

  1. LogicalDOC is a Web-based Document Management System (DMS), easy to use and learn. LogicalDOC supports its users with a powerful search engine (Lucene), Web-service interface (JAX-WS via CXF) with .NET interoperability, and versioning. Documents can be organized into hierarchical folders, and searched using the Google-like search engine or by document similarity. The archive can also be navigated through Tags or document-links. LogicalDOC CE 4.0 was tested with a Million (1,000,000) Real Documents. Support for WebDAV and the creation of custom attributes on documents via a document's template were also introduced. Among other things, the deferred indexing of documents and the scheduled task for calculation of Tag-Cloud have been implemented. Compared to the previous RC1, several important bugs were fixed. Also a major new feature was developed. This feature allows you to manage the visibility/editing of the fields in a document by group. For details of changes see the ChangeLog. Please give this RC2 a test drive! HomePage of the project on SourceForge http://logicaldoc.sf.net Report any bugs you find using the bug tracker (http://bugs.logicaldoc.com) You can discuss issues in the user forum (https://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?forum_id=865524) or in the mailing list (https://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?forum_name=logicaldoc-users). The LogicalDOC's Development Team
  2. I went through your website liked the concept very much but I am seriously interested to know various uses of such a system can you help me in identifying uses of such a system and also when you say we can edit the files from browser will it give a interface similar to that Google Docs for doing it? How is it different from google docs?