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    Hi ,

    My webserver is java webserver 2.0 and application server is weblogic 5.1 . web server and weblogic server resides in two different machine . What JNDI setup is required to lookup a home interface from a servlet in JWS 2.0

    thanks in advance

    Ashim Chakraborty

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     Properties p=new Properties();

    Context ctx = new InitialContext(p);
    AccountHome1 home =
    (AccountHome1) ctx.lookup("AccountHome");

    Instead of localhost use the machines ip address or name of that machine from ur servlet which is residing in ur javawebserver.
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    Thanks kiran ,

       but it is not working . what i have tried is

    import javax.naming.*;
    import java.util.*;

    public class testJndi

       public static void main( String args[]) throws Exception
           Properties p=new Properties();
           Context ctx = new InitialContext(p);

       giving exception cann't instantiate weblogic.jndi.TengahInitialContextFactory nested exception is java.lang.ClassNotFound exception
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    Try this instead of the Tengah class name

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    Thanks Monica ,

        but the same problem is still there

        Pls help me out
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    Could u post the error that it throws?
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    put the Weblogic.InitialContextFactory in our classpath. It will be in weblogic classes. Take it and put it in the machine where your webserver resides.. in classpath.