Creating Flickr mashups with JavaFX


News: Creating Flickr mashups with JavaFX

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    JavaFX empowers developers to leverage the Java platform to create RIAs. Flickr offers RESTful Web services that can be called from any code, including JavaFX code. In this article, See how JavaFX lets you tap into popular Web services such as Flickr and how you can use it to create interactive user interfaces. Along the way, get a taste of the new capabilities that JavaFX brings to client-side development.

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  2. Not even a launch button[ Go to top ]

    Now, I don't want to be rude, but this is supposed to run like Flash right? Then why the hell do I only see screenshots of the mashup application. I can download the sources.. bla bla bla gosh...Even applets worked better. Can't they just launch FX form the applet tag and have the java 6 plugin do some classloader wizardry (connect to SUN load whatever is necessary) and have the applet run JavaFX as a failsafe??
  3. Yes you can[ Go to top ]

    Yes, you can run JavaFX from an applet tag, it's just not done in this article. Point here is to show the code and how to do it, although I could agree that they should have a live demo at the end.