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  1. Hi, I have a (hopefully) simple question. I'm building an application with JSF. I have some basic "hello world" form and data table examples going. Now I'm ready to start building the web app. The web app's page is a standard layout like this: [header] [menu] [content] [footer] In the JSP world, I would do something like have a header.jsp and a menu.jsp and I would either: (a) have a single dynamically generated page that uses to include header.jsp and menu.jsp and dynamically fills in the content appropriately. or; (b) have separate pages for each part of the web app; say, listusers.jsp, createuser.jsp, edituser.jsp, and I would explicitly the header.jsp and menu.jsp in each individual file. My question is, what is the best approach to building such an application layout in JSF? Any help is greatly appreciated, legp

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    Use facelets for templating/dynamic includes. Brad Kroeger