Inforama is a Java based Document Automation system which allows document templates to be created quickly and easily using OpenOffice. Templates are populated with data from parameters and databases before being generated into PDFs for printing and emailing. Version 1.1 builds on the initial release with some significant enhancements and bug fixes. Alfresco and Jackrabbit integration Inforama version 1.1 can now be configured easily to store generated documents into Alfresco or Jackrabbit. Other document management systems which comply with the JSR170 standard can also be integrated with relative ease. More on this integration can be seen at More advanced table creation Based on user feedback the ways in which tables can be created and manipulated within OpenOffice documents have have extended. Columns or rows can be included or excluded depending on data being processed. Cell values and formats can also be manipulated directly. For more advanced processing of tables custom Java code can be written to manipulate the styles directly. Also new is the ability to create table templates for reuse accross multiple documents. Office2fO conversion Version 1.1 sees the introduction of the Office2fO transformation library for converting OpenOffice files. This provides a more accurate reproduction of the OpenOffice documents. Visit the Inforama website at For a quick overview of how Inforama works have a look at the webcasts at