JOnAS 5.1.0 M5 - Java EE 5.0 Certified


News: JOnAS 5.1.0 M5 - Java EE 5.0 Certified

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    JOnAS Team members are very pleased to deliver the very first Java EE 5 certified JOnAS release! The new milestone (M5) version of JOnAS 5.1 includes full JAX-WS 2.0 and EJB 3.0 support. JPA 1.0 is provided using either Hibernate (3.4.0 GA) or EclipseLink (1.0.1). This version also brings many improvements (especially in the application server core) and bug fixes. JOnAS application server is built on top of Apache Felix as a set of OSGi bundles. JOnAS 5.1.0 M5 can be downloaded from the Download page and release notes here. If you want to help: please kick the tires and raise issues in our bug tracker. This way, everybody will benefit of an even better JOnAS stable release. See below for detailed new features and enhancements included in the 5.1 M5 release: === Webservices === * JAX-WS 2.0 full support * Supports POJO endpoints deployment (when declared in the web.xml) * Supports WSDL publication (for sharing WS contracts) * Supports Webservices endpoints described only with annotations (no WSDL provided) * Call ejbRemove() for EJB 2.x style exposed as endpoints * Supports MTOM * Full Handler support (@HandlerChain + chains declared in deployment descriptors) * POJO implementors are injected with WebServiceContext if required * Supports JAX-WS stub-properties ('' for example) in jonas-service-ref elements * Endpoint Address is now displayed on the console === Persistence === * Support of both Hibernate and EclipseLink as Persistence provider * persistence-context and persistence-unit injection supported when declared only in the deployment descriptor === Core === * Display services in error if server startup is too long * Startup messages are a little bit less verbose * 'ws' service has been renamed 'jaxrpc' * Startup services list has been reduced (required services dependencies are installed automatically) * WorkCleaner service is only started if JOnAS is in 'developer' mode * Maven 'central' repository has been added in the initial set of supported repositories for deployment-plans * Better support of failed deployment * Bundles created from lib/ext files are now resolved just after install ** Meaning that they can't reference a package that is not itself part of lib/ext === Management === * MEJB converted to EJB3 (no interface change, it's still available using the EJB2 style home/remote interface) ** MEJB is role secured: 'mejb-admin' (to access write style methods) and 'mejb-user' (to access read-only methods) are now required ** Unauthorized access is forbidden * All used component's versions are available in a property file ($JONAS_ROOT/ * New services are now visible in jonasAdmin === Clustering === * Fixed bugs: #313244, #313243, #313237 * Re-factored and cleaned up the clustering samples (names ?) for best coherence (scripts, build & configuration files, ...) * When starting a jonas cluster (using the 'jcl' commands set), the new 'sampleCluster3' application is automatically deployed on the cluster's nodes === Documentation === * Completed the clustering guide * Reviewed the other guides === Misc. === * Fixed jonas scripts issues * Fixed modularity issues * Add support for the 'irmi' protocol * Deprecated configuration files have been removed ** '' (was for an ancestor of the Scout RAR) ** '' (was for TMF and FDF) ** 'jonas_area.xml' (was for TMF)
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    Hi, Congratulations to the JOnAS team for new version. See you at J1 this year ? Georges PS: Bon courage pour le futur.