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    I have one application which wanted to access file from unix server by giving credentials(Application connect to server by giving domain name,username,password). Unix server do not have any FTP/HTTP listener its just one terminal on network. Can anyone please suggest a way to access file on unix server either by using Java API or some other means?
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    Hi, There has to be a way by which u can make a connection to the unix server to access that file. And making connection meanse that there has to be a service listening on that machine through which u can access and get into that server.
  3. Let me state my problem clearely The machine on which file has to uplaod/download is operating system using it`s own OS Data Ontap 7.0.4p it is Not using NFS service on the filer , it is using CIFS service NTFS is used to control User previledges As of now the code is able to read/write files from a shared folder on this system. This is a simple File IO code. But the moment the access to this shared folder is given only to a specific user id, the code fails. Can it be possible to use core java api that will allow us to change the previleges/credentials of the thread that is executing the file io. If yes which is that API? Else which API can be used for the above problem solution. Resposne will be appreciated as this problem has taken lot time. Thanks.