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    Hi Integration Guru! Recently I was intended to get experience with integration software and ESB. As I found currently we have the next popular ESB solutions: Jboss ESB, TIBCO ActiveMatrix™ SB and Websphere ESB. For open source we have ServiceMix and Open ESB. If you started work with ESB today what would you prefer? And what is easer to get start and for Eclipse of course :) Any thoughts are highly appreciated..
  2. we are approaching to SOA too, and after some initial period dedicated on knowledge base we have started to put our hands on major know ESB. Unfortunately so far we haven't good feedbacks from any, everybody promises big things while the true instead is there's not a really working, scalable product yet. What actually are doing is pure marketing (as usual), they're trying to give you an ESB that for some commercial reason comes with their application service, while a pure ESB is hard to find. We are currently on Oracle, which seems to be on the first line, but again when you end with their tutorials and start in production troubles come up and as important software producers have taught us, you are forced to ask for support ($$$).