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    I have deployed J2ee application in weblogic9.I am using Oracle9i as application datasource.In application In servlet am creating a connection to oracle db,executing query which would return 1Million records and I need to display this data in jsp as 10k records per page.Am keeping the connection open and am keeping resultset in session.But after few seconds the connection is getting closed automatically even though am not closing manually.So am unable to access resultset.Please let me know how to keep connection alive. Thanks in advance, Mamatha
  2. Well the problem dosnt seems to be in logic. According to me there might be some setting in weblogic for the connection pool or connection object after which it gets invalidate.. I havent worked alot on weblogic..... You might have to look at weblogic settings
  3. Thanks for the reply I tried changing Inactive timeout value to 0 but still the connection is getting closed after sometime.Am new to weblogic. Can any suggest what other settings I need to modify in weblogic to keep connection alive till i manually close in the code. Thanks in advance