New release of JBoss Tools and Developer Studio


News: New release of JBoss Tools and Developer Studio

  1. JBoss Tools 3 is our open source and community developed project which provides essential Eclipse tooling for JBoss and related technologies. This major release has it good share of bugfixes, improvements and new features:
    • Seam pages.xml editor
    • Improved code completion and better EL warnings
    • Configure values for EL in Visual Editor
    • Faster Visual Page Editor with updates for Richfaces 3.3
    • Portlet Wizards
    • Project Examples for easy access to sample projects
    • Drools is back
    • JBoss ESB projects and deployment
    • JMX perspective
    • Hibernate runtime support in Eclipse JPA projects
    • Hibernate configuration can now use DTP and JPA configured connections
    • Hibernate Birt integration
    • ESB support in jBPM graphical editor
    • TPTP profiling mode for JBoss servers
    • Experimental Smooks editor
    • Based on Eclipse 3.4 (Ganymede)
    • ...and more
    You can freely download JBoss Tools from the download site or use the update site: The full release details can be seen in my blog. Portfolio Edition JBoss Developer Studio 2 which includes the commercial supported parts of JBoss Tools 3 is now available as a subscription named JBoss Developer Studio Portfolio Edition which besides the IDE also includes access to the full suite of JBoss productized platforms/runtimes:
    • JBoss Enterprise Application Platform
    • JBoss SOA Platform
    • JBoss Enterprise Data Services Platform
    • JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform
    • JBoss Operations Network
    • OpenJDK
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
    JBoss Developer Studio 2.0 Portfolio Edition is available as a subscription (99$) for use by individual developers for development purposes. JBoss Developer Studio Portfolio Edition also includes one entitlement to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, with built-in development tools, and Red Hat Network Access for development purposes. The IDE (JBoss Developer Studio) is available for Linux 32-bit, Linux 64-bit, Windows and Mac OSX platforms. To help understand how JBoss Tools relates to JBoss Developer Studio I created this page which compares the "feature set" of the two. For those who want a the short answer JBoss Tools 3 is for those who likes access to all our plugins (experimental and stable) and want to spend time and effort on configuring your own custom version of Eclipse. JBoss Developer Studio is for those who would like an easy-to-install and pre-configured IDE and want to have access during development to the whole range of platforms/runtimes JBoss and Red Hat will provide developer and production support for.
  2. I really like the BIRT integration!
  3. Birt integration[ Go to top ]

    Glad you liked it - it still an early stage of integration. We like to get it easier to use, especially when it comes to deploying within your own application. As always input and patches very welcome ;)