Hello, I can't find a solution on french forum, so I come here, i hope someone can help me solve my problem. My problem is : I have an application divided in 6 dependents wars. Dependance are defined in the build path ( I use Eclipse 3.4). Right now, when I publish en OC4J, I've to run a .bat who copies a orion-application.xml in the directory of the sub application ( Ex : if one of the war is called "sev", then the orion-application.xml will be placed in : "application-deployments\sev" It looks like this : <!--?xml version="1.0"?--> However, I want to create an EAR who contains all those wars, so that I don't have to run anymore the .bat There is no problem with de Deployment, I think, but Eclipse create one global orion-application.xml in the root of the ear ( application-deployments\sevEAR\application-deployments\sevEAR ) it looks like this : <!--?xml version="1.0"?--> When I try to run my application, it gives me an error : NOTIFICATION J2EE JSP-0008 Unable to dispatch the JSP: Excepción:oracle.jsp.parse.JspParseException: /Common/Login.jsp: Número de Línea 7, And I'm lost. Do you know what happen, and what should I do ? Thanx in advance