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    I need some help here, plz.
    When I click on a button, my servlet will process the request and then dispatch to a jsp. I'm using two frames here; my button is on the left frame. The dispatching works just fine, but the problem is that the result appears in the same left frame. I want it to appear in the mainFrame.
    I'm using macromedia dreamweaver to design my pages.

    Can anyone help me out?
    Thanks a lot.

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    i think you'll need javascript to handle the onsubmit event. you can use the event to have the window on the right go to the appropriate page. i haven't worked with frames that much and I wish I could provide some example code, but don't have time to explore and do this for you =(

    However, I do know for a fact you can use JavaScript, onsubmit(), and some logic in the windows to handle what pages load what and where =P