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  1. Background With the popularity of B/S application, users want to do report design at browser side with web reporting tool. They would like to link database and design report template at browser. Moreover, they wish to deploy template to server and browse their designed report on line too. Difficulty 1. Link database. For the consideration of security, browser side can't link database directly with jdbc or odbc. As a result, there must be a long distance data server. This server is used to receive data access request from long distance user, send the request to database, and transmit processing result back to user. 2. Set the access authority of report template on server. Users should be able to access, modify and save the report template on server. However, some other files on server aren't allowed to be modified. Therefore, there must be a file server, which is used to determine which files are accessible, and which users are allowed to access them. 3. Remote design is provided for business personnel, so the interface must be user-friendly. Users should be able to do remote design by just drag and drop. Therefore, the semantic layer must support complex functions like generate parameters, expressions, display formats automatically. Solution As a professional web-based reporting tool, RAQ Report spends a lot of time and money on this problem. At last, a wonderful solution is worked out by the prominent developers of RAQ Report. With it, users can realize remote design with ease/ Operation 1. Delpoy remote design server. 2. Download client-side and start remote designer. 3. Log in long distance server. 4. Link long distance data server and file server. 5. Design, preview and save report. This post is from freezea's blog. You are welcomed cc it anywhere, and please indicate the source. If you would like to read more articles about reporting tool, you are also welcome to refer to my blog.
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    Hi; Please also take a look at Windward Reports Java Reporting System. With Windward you design the reports inside Microsoft Office so if you know Word, Excel, or PowerPoint you have no learning curve. Commercial product but the TCO is lower than the open source alternatives as it is so fast in designing & revising reports. thanks - dave