JINSPIRED Announces OpenCore 6.0 EAP


News: JINSPIRED Announces OpenCore 6.0 EAP

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    JINSPIRED has today the announced OpenCore 6.0 an extremely lean distribution of its Probes & Metrics Open API, runtimes and extension kit specifically targeted for server-side integration with existing enterprise system monitoring & management solutions, solutions that have up to now not been able to offer anything comparable. For further information please visit our OpenCore site. For the early access program we are looking for software companies interested in - embedding our technology within their own software products for improved problem diagnostics and reduced support costs - extending the depth and reach of their existing enterprise system management solutions to their enterprise Java applications in production - creating custom integration packs based on our AOP SDK for their supported software products and systems - offering an unrivaled fine grain resource metering and costing solution to customers deploying applications and/or consuming services within the cloud.
  2. Congratulations, William. What are the details around "open" part, i.e. how are the APIs licensed? Peace, Cameron Purdy Oracle Coherence: Data Grid for Java, .NET and C++
  3. "Open" reflects a number of aspects of this distribution. 1. The distribution does ** not ** include our management console, client-to-server connectivity, or in-memory database technology (snapshot models) but instead assumes that the customer intends on pulling both the metering and metric data we collect via our Open API (both consumer/producer roles are supported) or automatic JMX registration of MBeans. All aspects of our model will be open for access from within & external to the managed JVM. This is actually important in the context of production deployments as the distribution is now viewed by operations staff as an (acceptable) additional management/monitoring agent and not a complete new performance management solution separate to what is already there. OpenMinded !!! or OpenDoor, ;-). The focus is now on the data coverage & model, as well as the efficiency of our collection engine rather than our distinctive UI look-and-feel (& style) which has made technology partnerships somewhat difficult because of the fact our award winning console makes all other tools look so ugly and dated in comparison. Sincerely. 2. The distribution will include the ability to automatically export all runtime metering/metric models to a standardized data (dump) format which can then be used by other tooling wishing to offer different visualizations on top of our offline data. This data format will also be used by under-development ports of OpenCore to different languages & runtimes. OpenData !!! 3. We intend putting forward both our Metrics & Probes APIs for standardization by the JCP. The API already supports the ability to use an alternative service provider (system property) for both API's. There is only one class in each technology that performs the bootstrapping of the underlying service provider. The rest are nested interfaces implemented by the underlying service provider runtime. OpenAPI !!! This is not just talk. We did approach both Oracle and IBM for their support of this in the past. 4. The source code for the various extensions developed on top of the runtime and extending from our AOP SDK extension classes will be made freely available in the distribution. We want to show how easy it is to extend the product and to encourage the development of extensions by third parties. Maybe even a OpenStore for extensions, ;-). OpenCode !!! William