High Availability on weblogic without load balancing


EJB design: High Availability on weblogic without load balancing

  1. Hi Everyone, My question is about high availability without the need for load balancing. Our application doesn't support load balancing, It has got physical tcp socket connections open from many clients. they all need to connect to one physical server at any point of time. So we need an active passive clustering (not an active/active cluster, where the requests are load balanced). does weblogic support active/passive clustering? if so how can I configure it? My infrastructure and environment is 1. We have got two machines with RHEL 64 bit on them, one is live server and the other is fail over, when machine 1 goes down, machine 2 should take over. 2. We have got Apache 2 in front as web server and weblogic 10 as application server which hosts the dynamic content. Can you please let me know if we can configure a cold fail over cluster with weblogic, I couldn't find any documentation on this. I am a novice on shell scripting, if there is a tool which can accomplish this, please suggest or any other alternatives. Thanks, Chandra
  2. A active/pasive system doesn't have sense in application servers because in general they don't save user's data ( databases do ) , only data of active sessions. The application server save data about app runtime configuration so you can have another machine with weblogic server configured identically ( a cluster ). you can configure a basic load balance with weblogic apache server module ( without hardware loadbalance ). There are a basic cluster example in Oracle by Example web : http://www.oracle.com/technology/obe/fusion_middleware/wls103/cluster/Create_Basic_cluster/create_basic_cluster.htm when a machine is going down, apache server will redirect request to anorher machine. Leonardo Torres Altez.