if I use Netbeans IDE for compilation[make *.war & *.jar files from *.java like claimBeans.java], I must use also netbeans for upload/deploy ? yes/no Or for upload ONLY(also already compiled files) I may use and dreamweaver ? yes/no The jsp section of dreamweaver, is for app not require compilation, like from Code from:JSP STANDARD TAG LIBRARY, etc tags only ? yes/no Basically whatever I may do with "JavaBeans", "Servlets" etc (*.java files) that needed to get compiled, I may also do it the same with JSP STANDARD TAG LIBRARY etc - NOT NEEDED Compilation, so if I do not understand how to compile&deploy *.war & *.jar files , I may use instead the latter way ? yes correct / false As I see the xml&java book is deploys a local server, for remote server there are many differences ? yes/no Basically most of these differences are about compilation ? yes/no When reading such book(local server) what to do to bypass problems hence I use a remote server ?