any change in coding the CMP beans in weblogic & websphere


EJB design: any change in coding the CMP beans in weblogic & websphere

  1. hello friends,

    we have written the CMP beans and deployed them in weblogic server and j2ee server. we did not change any code in writing the beans. now we want to deploy them in websphere , so is there any changes we have to make in writing the remote/home/bean classes. i want to know the webshere3.5 is totally complaint with ejb spec 1.1 .

    thank you
  2. You may have to make changes to any finder methods you have implemented, as I believe these are vendor specific.

  3. Hi,

    If u have taken care of not embedding any server specific resource calls like JNDI lookup, db connection pool etc. then u r lucky.

    Most of the time, u need to change these codes, if u switch servers, but can be handled using environment entries & deployment descriptor.

    Just regenerate the deployment descriptor for target server & same CMP EJB should work in websphere also..

  4. WebSphere is only compliant with EJB1.0 (it does support some 1.1 extensions)

    The areas you will need to address are things such as:
    1) return types from ejbCreate
    2) return types from finder methods
    3) handling of RemoteException vs. EJBException
    4) deployment descriptors