How to make JSP run in diffrent browsers.


EJB design: How to make JSP run in diffrent browsers.

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    Hi All, We have an application with jsf,hibernate....etc and for deployment we are using jboss application server.I have recently notice that the JSP present in my application not working in diffrent browsers.i am not able understanding the problem behand it.If any one has an idea of such problem earlier please provide me some remedy to tackle this problem.I would provide all the details that would be needed to solve this issue. thanks n regards uday sariki
  2. Hi, Its not possible that JSP can behave differently in different browserts. JSP comprises of java code + html. Since java code is processed at the server side, it could be possible that the HTML in JSP file is behaving differently in different browsers. This is highly possible as each browser behaves differently for the same html code.
  3. To the browser, the end result is always a HTML content from web applications. The DOCTYPE of the HTML document type or the charset used in it matters a lot for this behavior. Try using browser compatible DOCTYPE.