How to make JSP run in diffrent browsers.


General J2EE: How to make JSP run in diffrent browsers.

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    Hi All, We have an application with jsf,hibernate....etc and for deployment we are using jboss application server.I have recently notice that the JSP present in my application not working in diffrent browsers.i am not able understanding the problem behand it.If any one has an idea of such problem earlier please provide me some remedy to tackle this problem.I would provide all the details that would be needed to solve this issue. thanks n regards uday sariki
  2. That should have nothing to do with the JSP. Its about the HTML your jsp is going to produce. Also to note generally most of the browsers support the same HTML standards, but some browsers are more relaxed than others. Also you have to concentrate most on the javascript you are using in the JSP as javascript behaves diff on diff browsers. The best solution is to use a js lib like jQuery, prototype and so on.. Hope this helps... -Teja