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    Hi, I have been tasked with providing a number or proposals for connecting our enterprise to a number of external partners via a queueing mechanism. i.e. a B2B hub. I am pretty familiar with JMS, but concerns have been voiced over the interoperability between vendors; something I have no direct experience of. For example as part of my proposal I may suggest that we send out messages to JMS servers hosted on the partners sites. These partners use a variety of technologies including WebMethods, BizTalk, IBM etc. which we can assume all support JMS (including IBM MQ as I have been told). Has anyone ever come across interoperability issues with regards to JMS? If I send out JMS messages from one vendor will they be seamlessly received by the target vendors JMS server? Any shared experience would be appreciated.
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    It really depends on the vendor implementation. MQ Series (IBM)implements JMS specifications differently vs. EMS (TIBCO) implements them differently and yes there will definitely be challenges when you are talking from Sonic MQ to a Tibco EMS to a JMS Messaging to a IBM MQ Series or a Websphere.