PDF Library introduces consolidated logging


News: PDF Library introduces consolidated logging

  1. PDF Library introduces consolidated logging (5 messages)

    Big Faceless Organization (BFO) has enhanced the PDF library by introducing consolidated logging. Version 2.11.6 of the Big Faceless PDF Library also includes a thread clean up. Previously log messages were written to System.err. If problems were encountered PDFs could throw a large number of messages, and although these could always be turned off, there was no way to manage the logging in more detail. Now Log4J or java.util.logging will be used depending on which is configured, making the process of managing the logging much easier in the event of a problem. For detailed information on integrating logging visit http://bit.ly/3oSYik Anyone using the PDF Viewer will also find this upgrade more reliable due to a thread cleanup. An audit of the PDF Library code dug up several potential synchronization issues, so customers reading a single PDF in multiple threads should find this upgrade is more stable. You can download a free fully functional trial version of the PDF Library at: http://big.faceless.org/products/download.jsp
  2. PDF library replaces i++ with ++i.
  3. wow using log4j now ......what a big news !!
  4. This makes me wonder about the policies of this site. My last update announcement was completely ignored although I had some major changes. Should I replace my printlns next time to make my announcement worthy?
  5. Come on, guys, loosen up! Don't beat the people at big.faceless.org for this. Switching their logging might actually make quite a difference for their users. I might want to add that I neither am a user of theirs nor affiliated with the them in any other way. If you feel the editing/filtering/publishing here on the server side seems a bit jittery, then I suggest to talk to the editors. They might reply. I had such an experience too. I then did post under TSS feedback back in April. I did, however, not get a reply to date. :-) But then... Cheers, Joerg
  6. I'm cool as an iceberg :) It's just sad that this website is slowly dying. It has a good community but looks like it has no resources behind for a quality maintenance. Infoq is nice and all but you rarely find a good discussion over there. Going to click some of those links above now.