Different sessions for browsers in a web application - Possible?


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  1. Hi All - I am facing a generic problem out here. I am having a web application and now I want to open 2 browsers with different sessions. As far as I have searched and tried I get an answer that having 2 sessions for same web application is not possible. Can anyone provide any other details , Whether this is possible or not ? Thanks
  2. Which browser are you trying with and which OSes? On IE, opening a new window (not doing ctrl+N) should allow you to have multiple sessions open on the same machine. IE tabs and firefox re-use the sessions and so you can't really do this. Of course you could open two browsers on different machines. ;-)
  3. Savio - I have a web application and I want to open 2 instances of application once I click on a hyprlink. These 2 Browsers should have 2 different sessions. In all the approches I have tried so far I am getting same session in both the browsers. And I am using IE6 and ofcourse I want this on same machine :) Thnx !
  4. You can have two different session on single browser with multiple tab/window, you need to override the session object.