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    Hi people, I am very new to webservices. I been research on webservices and i understand it is something similar to an API. I am working on a project that require the use of an GSM Modem. Its like a generic SMS Processing Agent that anyone can use it instead of building the capability into each application that needs it. I am using an opensource sms library called "SMSlib". So basically i need to create a web service that allows applications to interface with the processing agent to -retrieve sms -send sms -keep a transaction log of communications with other applications. So, can someone give me an advice on what kinda of methods do i need to have in my web service inorder to achieve my goals. Thanks

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    Please provide specific area of research where web service needs to be deployed. thank Ivo
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    I am looking at the oasis ws security standard and the level of the achievable security. Any ideas? I mean the organisational problems of the Oasis ws security?
  4. Hi benjamin. You might have already heard of SOAP and REST webservices, these are the popular web service types. You could take a look at JAX-WS for SOAP or some open source libraries that implement like Apache Axis. Similarly for REST you might want to take a look at JAX-RS or some open source libraries that implement like Jersey. Hope this helps you! Thanks, Lakshman.
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    Hi, thanks for your reply. I have started creating my web services using NETBEANS IDE 6.7. I do not know whether that is SOAP or REST or JAX-WS. All are very confusing. Up to date, i have this method which actually takes in a username, password, and a keyword parameter. The keyword parameter is based on the database table which have a prefix 'app_'. For example the keyword is Quiz, it will retrieve all the records from app_Quiz. Now I have a problem which is I want to return the records from the database. I tried returning a ResultSet but it does not allow that. Now, i tried storing my data into an arraylist and returning it. Somehow, my client that is consuming this web services can receieve the array. Is there any better way inwhich i can do it? @WebMethod(operationName = "RetrieveSMS") public ArrayList RetrieveSMS(@WebParam(name = "username") String username, @WebParam(name = "password") String password, @WebParam(name = "keyword") String keyword) { //TODO write your implementation code here: ArrayList list = new ArrayList(); ResultSet rs = null; String statement=null; try { Connection conn = null; Class.forName("oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver"); conn = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:oracle:thin:@", "smslib", "smslib"); Statement s = conn.createStatement(); statement = "Select * from app_"+keyword; rs = s.executeQuery(statement); while( { String text =rs.getString("text"); list.add(text); } s.close(); conn.close(); } catch (Exception ex) { ex.printStackTrace(); } return list; }