WSO2 WSAS is a Web services engine powered by Apache Axis2 & is released under the Apache Software Licence 2.0. It is a lightweight platform for Service Oriented Architectures, enabling business logic and applications. WSAS is based on the WSO2 Carbon framework. This framework is based on OSGi. Carbon allows you to mix and match the functionality you require according to requirements of your enterprise. The middleware can be adopted to your architecture. You could even extend the middleware by developing your own middleware components. The server can be extended by installing the required Eclipse Equinox P2 features. The latest release includes; 1. OSGi Declarative Services – Startup order of services is now automatic – Enables adding new features more cleanly and automatically 2. Eclipse Equinox P2 integration – P2 is the code behind the Eclipse Update Manager 3. Ability to make normal jar files into OSGi bundle – Just copy the jar files into CARBON_HOME/repository/components/lib 4. Updated to Apache Axis2 1.5, Apache Synapse 1.3, Apache Rampart 2.0 5. Inclusion of three significant security fixes The full feature list is available here. The release note is available here.