Hello, I am happy to announce the new release of YAJSW - Yet Another Java Service Wrapper. YAJSW allows one to install any application as windows service or posix daemon and to monitor it. With this release configurations can be read from JNLP files or from remote wrapper configuration files. This may be interesting for enterprises which have to run the same java application on multiple servers, but want to avoid the tedious taks of copying the files. Thanks to commons VFS (Virtual File System) YAJSW supports different transport protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SFTP, SMTP, WEBDAV, etc. whereas java web start supports only http. Features of the current release: * Wrap any native executable, java process or groovy script and run it as windows service or linux daemon * Easy Platform Independent installation of services/daemons * Platform independent configuration * Support for platform specific configuration * Wild card for classpath directories and files * Capture console output, log it, trigger scripts or restart process on output matching regular expressions * Monitor and automatically restart hanging or crashed proceses * Trigger process execution and termination at specific cycles, times or scriptable conditions * Embed the wrapper within java applications * Read from process output or write to process input * Support for RunAs / sudo * Support for System Tray Icon. Display tray messages from a groovy script, for example in case of exceptions. Monitoring Console. * Support for generation of configuration file * Windows Cluster aware * Support for remote network launching * Support for jnlp configuration * License: LGPL Suggestions and comments are highly welcome. - Ron http://yajsw.sourceforge.net