Free management tool with intelligent code editor for SQL Server


News: Free management tool with intelligent code editor for SQL Server

  1. DbOctopus is a tool for browsing and editing of Microsoft SQL Server data, with strong support for relations. Unlike SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), DbOctopus fully uses database relations to simplify and accelerate usual database tasks. If some tables are connected with foreign keys, user can jump between related rows, show descriptive columns from parent table instead of numeric IDs, etc. DbOctopus also offers other features SQL DBAs and developers were missing in SSMS like one click sorting, quick filtering, or grouping, with excellent performance on top of that. Beside relational browsing, DbOctopus also offers powerful SQL code editor, with intelligent auto completion and automatic creation of mostly used SQL queries. Free licenses are available only until September 1st 2009. After that the price for DbOctopus will be US$89 for a single user license. Volume discounts are available. DbOctopus supports Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008, and requires Windows XP, Windows 2003 or Vista and .Net Framework 2.0. For more information or to download DbOctopus, visit the Cogin site at:

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  2. microsoft's own editor[ Go to top ]

    Microsoft comes with a fully functional SQL editor tool out of box. why would i need another one ?
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    Frankly, DbOctopus doesn't really compete with Management Studio. It just doesn't cover all areas that are served with SSMS. It probably never will. We tried to focus DbOctopus to needs of developers, not db admins, since that's the background we're coming from. We didn't start with some artificial feature lists - we just tried to fix things that bothered us on daily basis in Management Studio. For instance I always had problems when entering test data or fixing production issues when data is scattered throughout several connected tables. There's no help in Management Studio to jump to related rows in FK tables. That's just one of things you can do in DbOctopus. I can't tell whether other people are bothered by same issues we had, but it doesn't take much time to check it out and grab a free license if it even remotely helps you.
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    First of all, I’d like to congratulate DbOctopus team for such product. The intelligent code editor is helping SQL developers. Compare to Microsoft Management Studio, the DBOctopus is one step up from the Microsoft tool. Even though DbOctopus is not a full management toolset yet, it does provide better help than the Microsoft tool. I am going to bring another freeware to the discussion. It is the Toad for SQL server. In my mind, a successful DB tool is to help the developers with their needs, not to restrict them. When I work in Toad, I feel the tool is just too smooth. When I need to work with different schema, Toad will auto correct the schema syntax. When I need to join different tables, Toad gives me the hints on what to join and how to join. When I need to create store procedures, Toad’s snippets is there to help. When I need to manage SQL server, Toad gives me all the tools to do the job. I mean what more can you expect from a small frog. Did I mention that Toad starts 10 times faster than the Microsoft tool? If you are going with SQL development, you should be thinking about give the little frog a try, and see the difference.