Jbi4Corba is a JBI compliant Binding Component. It allows to map a CORBA service as an internal JBI endpoint. This is simply done by deploying into a JBI ESB a service unit containing the IDL defining the CORBA service, no coding is required. Having an internal JBI endpoint opens a wide spectrum of possibilities because the endpoint can partecipate to the message streams and the orchestrations that take place inside the ESB. This release contains: 1. support for pragma prefix directive 2. support for GlassfishESB 2.1 3. support for Servicemix 3.3 4. support for Netbeans 6.5.1 5. a new command line tool for generating WSDL 6. various bug fixes please visit http://jbi4corba.sourceforge.net for more details Also notice that Imola Informatica (http://www.imolinfo.it/) is offering commercial support for this component.