Coldjava implemented next version of Servlets Office Suite (JSOS). This product is a collection of Java servlets "out of the box" ready for building web-pages.

What is this collection needed for ? You know CGI scripts. Many sites on the Net need interactive capabilities to request information from the visitors and respond them. Most of those use scripts such as Perl, PHP, etc. But this approach has some disadvantages. Namely, for each new request a new process starts on the server where the site is hosted which requires additional computing resources, slows down executing all job.

Servlets require only one process no matter how many requests are being handled. These need less resources. They are faster and 100% portable. There are great engines to run them. Here are some: JRun, ServletExec, Jserv, Tomcat etc . That is all true. But why are CGI scripts still used ?

They are old good technology people got used to. There are a lot of scripts all over the Net. Unfortunately, the last does not go to servlets. Fortunately, there is JSOS.

JSOS plays the same role as a set of CGI scripts and can be used by webmasters for adding dynamic capabilities to their sites. SOS has got a rich set of servlets such as Message Board, Chat, File Manager, Calendar and many others. You can use them instead of CGI scripts to build your site. As a matter of fact, it is the fastest way to make a site serving for needs of some community and the easiest way for managing the site. And now JSOS offers a new hit - WAP/WML support !

At this moment JSOS is probably the largest Java servlets collection over the Net and continues to grow. With WAP/WML support it is one of the first sets supports WML developers. Especially, we would like to invite your attention to the fact that SOS can be used to build Intranet sites. Do you need discussion groups? Do you need back your developers with the common knowledge base? Buddy chat? Take a look at Coldjava servlets. It is the fastest way to assemble your site/portal from Coldjava's web components. With the last version of JSOS your mobile users will be covered also.

All JSOS servlets are easy to use. They are configurable so they will meet your design requirements. JSOS is free for any non-commercial use. All up-to-date versions are ready for downloading from our corporate web-site.