Today’s releases of Tasktop Pro 1.6 and Eclipse Mylyn 3.3 represent a major step forward in the maturation of the task-focused interface. Mylyn has become the de facto framework for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) integrations for Eclipse with an ecosystem that now includes 42 connectors. The Mylyn Connector Discovery mechanism that was released with Eclipse 3.5 Galileo makes it trivial to find and install connectors, helping users and encouraging the number of integrations to grow. The Tasktop Certified connector program has been a key enabler for enterprise adoption of Mylyn by ensuring the quality and compatibility of integrations that exist outside of the Eclipse Mylyn project. We are not done yet. But between the evolution of the framework, the size of the integration ecosystem, and the new features that we’re announcing today, I’m happy to say that support for task management has been established as the critical link between the ALM systems and the IDE. Tasktop 1.6 supports linking tasks across ALM systems, provides enhanced time tracking facilities, and includes a new welcome experience to help new users get started. Read the full announcement to see what else is new in Tasktop 1.6 and Mylyn 3.3.