In the blindingly fast world of financial services the difference between gains and losses is often measured in microseconds. Financial Service firms often stay on the bleeding edge of hardware and software in order to ensure ultra low-latency in their transactions. Transaction volumes are increasing and as they do, so does latency. Increased competition also necessitates moving towards an ultra low-latency strategy. But... Normal accident theory suggests that in complex, tightly coupled systems (like trading floors), accidents causing latency are inevitable. To defend against "normal" latency, you need visibility - 360° situational awareness of your trading environment. Please join Charley Rich, VP of Product Management at Nastel Technologies and featured guest Ellen Carney, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research as they discuss these issues and how to identify and resolve them. Attend this web seminar to learn how to: * Improve order flow latency via full visibility of your business transactions, their performance & behavior * Fix problems when they show up rather than when they blow up * Identify when everything is running right…but it is nevertheless, wrong