SQL statements in deployment descriptor in EB-CMP


EJB design: SQL statements in deployment descriptor in EB-CMP

  1. I have recently been doing development work using EJB under Fujitsu's Interstage applicatin server (aside from iPlanet it is the only EJB app server I'm familiar with), and we've been running into some problems lately concerning the proper definition of SQL statements in the deployment descriptor of EB-CMP.

    As of now Interstage version 3.1 CANNOT handle SQL's "DISTINCT", "IN ( , , ... )" , "GROUP BY", etc. definition in its deployment descriptor. I would like to know if BEA's WebLogic (latest version) could handle such definitions.

    I know that one could just write them out in an EB-BMP design, but I would like to play around with the idea a bit...

    Any Weblogic experts, I would really appreciate any comments... Thanks in advance...

  2. Hi,

    Till version 5.1, Weblogic uses it's proprietory language, known as Weblogic QL (WLQL), which consists of simple comparision, assignment operators etc. For details please visit


    to be exact ..

    This WLQL creates some entries in xml file, which internally is read by weblogic deployment classes generator & it will write the appropriate SQL statements internally.
    So developer need not write the SQL statements...

    Since I've not tried all the combinations of SQL statements that can be fired, at DB client's command line, in weblogic, u can certainly write finder queries that are quite complex .. If u can try them out, do let know..