Comparison bwetween Application servers


Performance and scalability: Comparison bwetween Application servers

  1. Dear Friends

    How are you?

    I used BEA Weblogic Server 5.1.0 with SP6 for the last one year, and have liked both the product and customer support.

    I am designing a huge corporation's intranet/internet for high volume, mission critical (365/24/7) business processes.

    Can I ask for a detailed comparison between the E-Commerce Application Servers (1) Bea WebLogic Server 6.0 and (2) IBM WebSphere Server V3.5 Advanced Edition.

    Please feel free to talk about comparison criteria such as
    (a) Databases supported (MS SQL Server 7.0, and Oracle8i)
    (b) Embedding SQL, HTML, XML and JavaScript code in EJBs
    (c) JDBC API support
    (d) user-friendlyness
    (e) performance under high volume transactions
    (f) functionality
    (g) reliability for mission critical business processes
    (h) interfacing with legacy or ERP applications
    (i) customer support
    (j) ROI (value for money) etc.
    (k) support for distrbuted technologies (CORBA, etc.)
    (l) Online help

    Will I need additional software on the server such as
    IIS etc. in combination with one the two application servers?

    Thanking you.
    Very truly yours
    Sriram (Ram) Peddibhotla
  2. I recently took a J2EE architecture class at Sun. One of the students was a IBM WebSphere support engineer. I asked him point blank whether anyone he had supported was using a database other than DB2. The answer was no. All of the reference case studies IBM put on there website were using DB2.

    We use Oracle 8i. I wonder what the breakdown is among WebSphere installations between DB2 and Oracle. How many of these are IBM shops?
  3. How about EAServer instead? I've been reading some of the postings for the past several days and it seems to me that if you want fast performance, good DB selection and away out as in if you can't use Java, you can fall back on C++ if you really had to, then EAServer can't be beat. For example, up to or more than 50% of EAServer customers are using Oracle not Sybase's DBs.